I did a thing

I am blinded by beauty

this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve come across in a long time.

I understand the daily hardships that so many people have in a world ruled by white males.

I understand that sometimes this can make it feel as if all white males are the enemy (especially for those who fight for equality).

but posts like this need to stop.

you are not advancing anybodies rights.

you are not promoting anybodies equality.

this is not activism.

this is hate-mongering.




Thanks for the contribution :)

congratulations, sexism is now over. You have beaten the evil whites. You win!

Fuck. These. People.

I’ve lost track, am I even allowed an opinion these days? Whatever. How about this radical idea: Let’s treat each other equally, and then we’ll all be equal? All this mindless mud-slinging achieves nothing and only serves to demonstrate how true objectives of those involved (notably NOT equality). 




You guys are good at this! :)

Crying tears of joy rn.

It’s borderline disturbing how obnoxious and incapable of proper debate 90% of Tumblr is.

So I guess you aren’t allowed to have opinions on certain things if you’re not directly apart of them. You can’t support gay rights if you’re not gay? You can’t be a feminist if you’re not female?

That’s honestly how the majority of Tumblr thinks and it’s very…disconcerting. 

This post went from something childish to a prime example of the twisted logic people on here have when it comes to who can have opinions on what and who can say what.

Having an opinion on something does not mean you think that your opinion is the most important. 

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